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TNT Cigars is a one-stop shop for all of your cigar needs. They feature online videos that rate and test out new cigars, smoking equipment, smoking dens and more. They offer great deals that are constantly changing, whether you want a set of one cigar or to try their samplers package. If you are feeling trusting, TNT even offers a “3 and 3 Trust Me Deal,” where you pick three cigars, and they pick three more, based on your selection. This adds fun and mystery if you are a smoker who enjoys a surprise.

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Located in Mesa, AZ, they are primarily an online cigar store that offers daily deals, specials, and tutorials for everything related to cigars. Go to the site found below and start shopping or browsing for all your cigar needs. For the inexperienced smoker, their YouTube channel has videos that review certain equipment (lighters, cutters, humidors, etc.) to help you get started, or even advanced tips, tricks and information for the cigar veterans. Whether new or experienced, TNT Cigars is a great place to go for information, equipment, deals, and cigars, on top of being just a fun place to browse for any tobacco enthusiast.

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What really makes TNT stand out from the rest is their YouTube channel that has everything from showing how to cut properly and light a cigar to reviews and advanced tips. Unlike other cigar sites, this one is friendly to a new smoke who may not understand how much he or she should pay, what they need or even what to do to smoke properly. For anyone with friends looking to smoke cigars, or who are just interested in cigars, their site would be a perfect reference to provide hours of idle entertainment and information, and an easy-to-use interface with constant deals and bundles that change often.

They also have exclusive cigars that only they sell. So if you are looking for a tough-to-find product, or just something you know your friends haven’t seen, then this site can help you out.

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One thing that makes this site so great is that they have constant discounts, deals, and bundles going on, so you never have to pay full price for a purchase if you don’t want to. We would encourage any cigar smoker to pause before buying somewhere else to check and make sure that there isn’t a deal going on that might save you upwards of 45% off. That makes TNT Cigars a reasonably-priced shop for all your cigar needs without having to leave your house for the local smoke shop. 

 To see how TNT Cigars stacked up with the competition, we selected several other online cigar shops to see what the wide web has to offer cigar connoisseurs. We ranked each site based on customer service, brand quality, ease of use and pricing and then gave a pros and cons list for each. If you are looking for a new online cigar shop, then this list will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on where to get your tobacco and cigar accessories.

The customer service at TNT is good, significantly boosted because their online videos not only provide useful information and cigar reviews but also give inexperienced smokers valuable information to help kick-start their own cigar sessions. They seem to reply readily to YouTube comments and always have a smiling face and upbeat attitude that make it easy to watch multiple videos in a row without becoming bored or disinterested. While their channel may take staff and resources away from other parts of the shop, it’s a unique and fun approach that should definitely draw in more customers than are dissatisfied with some other minor flaw. 

On top of all that, TNT Cigars offers constant deals, bundles, specials and the unique 3v3 package that really shows the shop went all out in doing its best to not only attract both new and old smokers but also keep them from leaving. This sight went above and beyond the call of duty in customer service and deserves not only to be complimented but also emulated as it would better for cigar lovers everywhere to have more shops like this.

While they don’t necessarily offer the best of the best all the time, the site makes a point to cycle through different cigars and bundles so that every time a customer is on their site they see something different from last time, and hopefully something new. If you are looking for that one cigar you buy every time in bulk, then this site may not be the one for you, but if you are looking to experience and try out new cigars in all shapes, sizes, and tastes from a myriad of different countries, then you would be pleased with the Brand selection and quality offered.

We found that the one drawback of the site is that it feels clunky to use and some links don’t always go immediately to their intended destination. As an example, one image on the home page appears to be a link to the YouTube channel, promoting their cigar review, but in reality, just links to the deals they are offering. To find a link to the channel, one has to scroll all the way to the bottom and find it in gray-on-black text, under the “About Us” heading. 

  • Great customer service
  • Unique Approach 
  • Good Deals
  • The site feels clunky and unintuitive

Located in Burlington, NC, this site feels like the Vegas of online cigar shopping, which is certainly the intention. Featuring a “Beat the Dealer” online game and an auction room, JR Cigars embraces the gambling side of many cigar enthusiasts. While the site is a bit in your face, it has a fairly smooth interface that feels intuitive to use and is easy to understand. They constantly have places where you can ask for help or see frequently asked questions, which is always a plus to help new users feel at home.

Another site with a unique and fun way to embrace new and old customers alike, JR Cigars introduces gambling, cards, and an auction to attract not only new customers but also help old ones hang around and enjoy the fun. However, due to the in your face nature of the website, it is possible for new users to get a little overwhelmed and lost, and no real helping hand for inexperienced smokers means we couldn’t give JR anything higher than we did. However, they do have constant reminders of where to find help to understand their site and what they offer, and that is greatly appreciated by almost all users.

Much like the first entry on this list, they offer cigars with different deals (or in this case, gimmicks) which means they may not always have the best cigars in stock. However, it also means they may have cigars you can’t find anywhere else, especially with their unique auction feature an exclusive collection. They offer high enough quality cigars all the time to keep almost any smoker happy though, so the rotating nature of the store is not too bothersome.

This score would be a lot higher if it weren’t for the intimidating nature of the site on new users. The unique features such as the auction and beat the dealer are great, but take time and patience to understand and are not meant to be simple. However, the base site is superb and allows new users to easily find what they are looking for to place an order or contact someone who can help them with a more complicated or in-depth search.

  • Auction and Beat the Dealer 
  • Easy-to-use site and constant ways to ask for help
  • Can intimidate for new users

If the last site on our list felt like Vegas, then this site feels like the Amazon of cigar shopping. Featuring a simple but intuitive design, this site is great for cigar smokers that know exactly what they want, how much they want of it and don’t want to deal with another site’s fluff. Even new users can easily understand where to find the deals or bundles this site offers, or how to search for a product or accessory they need to enhance their smoking experience.

This site does nothing special; it does it simple and straightforward. No fluff, no games, no flashing lights or bright pictures, Thompson Cigar sells you cigars and cigar accessories, plain and simple. While this might sound bad, it works great for the site as it makes everything quick and easy, though it means you have to know what you want or at least have some idea because this site won’t give you much in the way of advice.  

Because they aren’t focused on constantly changing out for different brands or models, the site can offer consistently high-quality cigars at a decent price, though if you are looking to try something new or out of the ordinary, you may have to go to a different site on this list.

This is where the site really shines as it is very intuitive, easy to use and quick to respond. As soon as you load it up, you feel as if you are ordering something on Amazon and that is about as high praise as you can get. The only reason we didn’t give them five stars is that some pop-ups were rather annoying and in your face, but it is a marketing strategy that almost all users have to deal with everywhere

  • It is easy to use the site that’s simple and straightforward
  • Consistent
  • Lacks variety
  • No unique feature

The final site on our list represents an amalgamation of all the sites above combined, taking elements from each to give it its own unique feel. Featuring good deals, a seven day a week, easy to use and well-advertised helpline and some creative marketing, Famous Smoke feels like it was created and designed by some happy-go-lucky smokers who wanted to share their passion with others, and we are ok with that.

With a well-advertised seven days of the week help hotline, this site is nice to its customers and wants them to have a good experience. Combined with vibrant and goofy pictures advertising deals (hello chef’s hat), this site immediately puts a user at ease and makes them feel welcome, and giving them a little chuckle. 

Because they aren’t focused on constantly changing out for different brands or models, the site can offer consistently high-quality cigars at a decent price, though if you are looking to try something new or out of the ordinary, you may have to go to a different site on this list.

We found the site really easy to use and intuitive though it loses points because some buttons just don’t look pressable and can, therefore, be a little confusing. However, once you get the hang of it, everything is well organized and easy to find.

  • Fun and Welcoming 
  • Balances Consistency with Variety

In conclusion, after comparing TNT Cigars to other online smoke shops, we decided that TNT Cigars earned a solid 4.4 out of 5. Its fantastic YouTube channel more than makes up for its clunky website, though if we see an update in that, the site could easily earn close to a perfect rating. Overall, if you are looking for information, good deals or just good cigar fun, visit TNT Cigars today.

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