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In this review, we will be helping cigar lovers determine which if Tatiana cigars are for them. The internet is home to hundreds if not thousands of cigars in the market. Unfortunately, we do not have the capability of smoking every cigar. It is why we did a review on the best-selling cigars in the market today such as Tatiana cigars so you can better be informed on the best quality to buy.

A Tatiana cigar is one of the best-selling cigars in the market today. It is a handmade cigar whose origin is the Dominican Republic. Unlike other cigars, the Tatiana cigar is rolled using an Indonesian wrapper fine in texture. The unique thing about smoking a Tatiana cigar is it produces a mellow smoke. A special Dominican filler results to the making of a smooth, mellow smoke. If you are looking for an extraordinary cigar with a unique flavor that does not burn but pleases your senses, then the Tatiana cigar is what you should look for.

Using a Tatiana cigar is a straightforward process that begins with the most basic rule of using a cigar, and that is deciding the right flavor for you. There are different Tatiana cigar brands to choose from. They include; Tatiana Classic Trio cigar, Mini Tins Flavored cigars, Classic flavored cigars, coffee break cigars and more.

Once you have chosen the right Tatiana brand for you, then you will have to clip it with a clipper before you light it. Other factors you have to consider apart from the flavor is the size of the ‘stick’ and the price of the cigar.

Though there are many Tatiana cigar brands, we will only concentrate on a few for this article. The brands were chosen because of their popularity in the market, and all come in an attractive packaging material and have a pleasant aroma.

The aroma is mainly a result of different flavors used such as cherry that produces a sweet ripe cherry aroma and Chocolate. Chocolate produces a milk chocolate flavor that makes this brand the perfect cigar to smoke when enjoying a cup of coffee. Other flavors used in the making of a Tatiana cigar include Cinnamon, Rum, Honey, Fusion Frenzy and Groovy blue.

One unique concept of the Tatiana cigar brand is that these cigars are handmade and only incorporate Cuban-seed fillers of a top grade blend. The Tatiana classic trio comes in a Groovy Blue flavor that produces a light smoke. It comes in different shapes with a medium brown wrapper. The coffee break brand uses a unique ingredient that boasts of the Cuban espresso as an essence. This cigar produces a rich coffee aroma that will defiantly not fail to impress. They are sold in packs of 25 pieces so one can get individual sticks via online platforms.

The prices of a Tatiana cigar will vary depending on the flavor and ingredients used to make the cigar. Tatiana cigars are sold in a pack of 25 pieces, and one should expect to buy a pack for around $65 to 135 dollars.

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To better give you a reliable review, we compared Tatiana cigars with other products in the market. The products were chosen for comparison due to their popularity in the market and their quality. The products are;

  • Florida Sun Grown Robusto
  • Southern Draws Cedrus “The Hogan”
  • Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc Corona

The Tatiana vanilla cigar comes in an attractive design with an odor noticeable even before you lit the cigar. The Tatiana honey cigar has a pleasant aroma that has a combination of fine tobacco and sweet natural honey. Depending on the variety you choose, there is the fusion frenzy that has a mixed fruit flavor.

Other tastes exhibited by different varieties of Tatiana cigars include a flavored mint and citrus. This flavor is from the Caribbean chill variety. If you prefer cinnamon and pumpkin spice, then the harvest moon variety is what you should look for.

Due to its unique flavors and tastes, we rated the taste with a 4.5-star rating.

Though Tatiana cigars are wrapped with a fine Indonesian wrapper, Tatiana cigars are from the Dominican Republic.

Since the Dominican Republic is home to the best filler tobacco in the world, we gave it a 4.5-star rating.

The quality exhibited by Tatiana cigars is exemplary especially where unique and complex flavors are involved. For this, we gave it a 4.5-star rating.

Tatiana cigars come in two size varieties; they can be 3.5 inches or 6 inches. The shapes can either be Cigarillos, Corona or Robusto.  The body lacked any visible flaws despite it been a handmade cigar. All Tatiana cigars are wrapped with an Indonesian wrapper.

We rated the body with a 4-star rating.

  • The Brand has many varieties to choose from
  • Tatiana cigars are handmade to perfection with no visible flaws
  • Tatiana cigars burn evenly
  • The cigar burns too fast when compared to other brands
  • Tatiana cigars do not produce a good smoke
  • The 3.5-inch cigars burn faster when compared to the 6-inch cigars

The Florida sun grown Robusto is one of the many brands under the Drew estate portfolio. One unique aspect of this cigar is that it is of Nicaraguan origin when compared to Tatiana cigars of Dominican Origin. The cigars have a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper that wraps a Honduran Habano binder.

This cigar is firm, dark and oily with a leathery and thick texture. Interestingly, its band of gold, orange and teal do not mention the Drew Estate. The unique thing about this cigar is that it takes at least five years for it to be market ready.  The Florida sun grown Robusta has a beautiful teal band that circles its dusky brown wrapper. The wrapper’s foot has faint notes of sweet citrus and has no recognizable flaws hence clean.

To use this brand, you will have first to choose which best suits your taste and preference.  You will then use a guillotine cutter to cut a perfect shape for even burning.

Unlike Tatiana cigars, the Florida sun grown Robusto has different flavors such as cayenne heat, espresso, black pepper, and roasted nuts. As you enjoy your cigar, you will notice traces of black cherry and raisin. As the cigar settles down, you will notice oak and citrus flavors.

For the taste, we gave it a 4-star rating.

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