If Your Cigar Cutter is not a Perfect Cut Cigar Cutter, Your Smoke Won’t Be Perfect

When it comes to enjoying a cigar, the cut is as important, if not more important than the cigar itself. That is because if a cigar is cut wrong, it’s as good as ruined. For many beginners, the cool thing seems to be to bite the head off. Not advisable at all. A cigar has to be evenly cut in one single chop. It needs a clean cut. And to get a clean cut, you need a “perfect cut cigar cutter”. That is, a cigar cutter that will cut your cigar in the perfect spot, without tearing the wrapper.

Let’s cut to the chase and discover the fabulous world of cigar cutters, shall we?

To Know Where to Cut, You Need to Understand Cigar Types

Understanding the different types of cigars is crucial when it comes to knowing how to cut the cigar. There are basically two types of cigars – the “parejo” and the “figurado”.

Parejo Cigars

Parejo cigars are the most common cigars. Featuring a straight edge and a round cap, they are unmistakable. A few good examples are Robusto and Churchhill cigars.

Figurado Cigars

Figurado cigars, as the name suggests, have a “fuller figure” than parejo cigars. They have a more unconventional shape and good examples are torpedo and pyramid cigars.

Understanding the shape of your cigar will not only help you know where to cut, but how to cut, and which cutter to use.

Types of Cigar Cutters and the Cuts they Make

Guillotine Cigar Cutter

The guillotine cigar cutter is the most common cigar cutter, delivering the most widely used cut among cigar cuts – the straight cut.

The guillotine comes in 2 variations, single and double blades. It’s advisable, especially for beginners, to stay away from single blade cigar cutters. They can ruin your cap and ultimately, your cigar. As for materials used? Stay away from plastic and everything cheap. Look for something sturdier that will not disappoint you.

The Wedge Cigar Cutter

The wedge, also known as the “V” cutter, works much the same way as the guillotine does. The only difference is that it cuts a V-shaped wedge into the cap. Although not so popular, it has some fans who prefer more surface area through which the smoke can come through. Its big shortcoming is that it can burn too hot.

The Hole Punch

Unlike the wedge and guillotine cigar cutters which cut off the cap, the hole punch punches a bullet sized hole through the cap. The disadvantage of the punch is that tar can accumulate around the hole, altering the taste of the cigar.

Apart from these 3 main cigar cutters, there are a number of novel cigar cutters for the cigar aficionado.

The Boston Cigar Cutter

This is a classic cigar cutter that was rescued from the brink of oblivion as the company that made them was on the verge of closing. The Boston Cigar Cutter is a tabletop cigar cutter that works by pulling the arm of the machine, which in turn, rotates a stainless steel blade that cuts the cigar (placed head first into a hole on the top of the cutter).

Cigar Cutter Knife

Looking like an ordinary pocket knife with a hole in the center, the cigar cutter knife works like a paper guillotine. The cigar is placed in the hole where it is firmly held in place and the knife “closed” to cut the cigar.

Perfect Cut Cigar Cutters: Past, Present, and Precision Engineered

The world of cigar cutters is as diverse as the people who smoke the cigars. Whether you are looking for a cigar cutter from the past, present, or a precision engineered one, you will find one to compliment you.

Cigar Cutters From the Past

For those who love mixing, well, pleasure with pleasure, cigar cutters have become a hobby. Collecting cigar cutters from all over the world and from generations past, the array can be stunning. An old cigar cutter can sometimes fetch quite a premium, just to show how serious cigar collectors and their collections are. There are vintage cigar cutters of all shapes, sizes, and price tag to add to your collection.

Cigar Cutters From the Present – Cuban of Course

Cuban cigar cutters appeal to those who love the tradition that started the luxurious past-time that is cigar smoking. With very evident Spanish lines, you will look unique and suave as you wield your stylish cutter in front of your friends.

Precision Engineered Cigar Cutters

For the more modern look, head over to Germany for German cigar cutters. Engineered for precision, as with all things German, these cigar cutters make light work of cigar caps. Whether it’s a vintage German cigar cutter or the modern ones, precision is clearly evident in the craftsmanship.

What’s Your Cut?

So you have your favorite cigar, it’s time to take out your perfect cut cigar cutter, chop off the cap, and spoil yourself with a nice long smoke.

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