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Cigars are the go-to smoking product of choice for those looking to smoke socially and with class. Their pungent, rich aroma pleases many a nose, their burn is smooth, even and slow, and they are a relaxing pastime for any man or woman. With cigars, Cuban’s are almost unanimously considered the best, and Hoyo de Monterrey cigars bear this distinction with honor. Smoking one will guarantee you a relaxing, luxurious and smooth break from your day and any other cigar smoker will stare in jealousy as they smell the soothing Cuban tobacco burning away.

So you can understand where these cigars rank among other top sellers, we reviewed several cigars and compared them to Hoyo’s.  If you are a smoking connoisseur, then this is must have information so you can impress your smoking buddies and have the best cigars to light up at your next gathering.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to the Hoyo de Monterrey. We based our selections on other popular cigar choices in terms of country of origin, style, and blend. Below is our rating for each part of the cigar and price points, where to find them, and the pros and cons of each selection. 




What Is A Hoyo De Monterrey Cigar?

They used to make these cigars from only the best 100% pure Cuban tobacco to give the smoothest and cleanest smoke possible. They are one of the most well-known Cuban cigar brands dating back to 1865 and gaining a foothold in the American market before the trade-ban through Honduras. Like almost any successful Cuban cigar brand, they hold split rights after the company’s owner fled the country in 1959 after Cuba threatened to seize all their profits and production.

Since fleeing the country, the company changed their blend to something more unique and original, mixing the Cuban tobacco with tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua. Their newest cigars have brought the company into the modern era with a refined, modern look while still keeping that famous blend that has made them so popular with cigar smokers over the years.

Product Specs  

The new Hoya features a shade-grown Nicaraguan Esteli Habano wrapper bound with Ecuadorian drown. They make them in the Honduras American Tobacco factory and filled with an Esteli, Ometepe, and Pennsylvania blend that smokes long and smooth. It comes in a standard size and shape and mimics the look of the limited edition Hoyo de Monterrey Edicion de Cumpleanos 150–celebrating the brand’s 150th anniversary. Reviewers have been happy with the minor re-branding, claiming the company created a new, modern look without being too in your face. 


All the cigars listed below can usually be bought at any well-stocked smoke shop or at the links provided online, ranging anywhere from about $6 to $22 per cigar. We usually recommend that you buy in bulk if you have a proper humidor and space to store cigars properly as it will cut down the cost, but for just trying out new cigars, sometimes it is best to just get one at a time. Pricing usually varies based on the quality of the wrapping and filling, the size of the cigar and the country of origin.

The Hoyo de Monterrey’s taste very smooth and luxurious but sometimes fall just short of their 100% Cuban counterparts. However, we found this reasonable as they are also considerably more accessible, being available in almost any smoke shop, and way more reasonable price. Overall, while it may not be the best tasting cigar you have ever had, it is high in quality and will leave you satisfied without breaking your bank.

Since the companies split in 1959, their Honduras made cigars have been some of their best. The appearance of the cigar is new, modern and pleasing to the eye but may upset smokers who appreciate the classic look more. However, we find that is a very small grievance, and this cigar certainly has an above average look that will catch any smoker’s eye.

The draw on this cigar is probably one of the best things about it. Combined with an even, smooth burn, there may not be a better working cigar than this one for the price, and definitely not one cheaper. While the rating is not higher due to some higher-end cigars burning a bit better, we once again believe for what you pay, you will experience a high-quality smoke with a well-above-average draw. 

Whoever constructed the Hoyo de Monterrey got a little too excited with the glue, but apart from that, it is a well-put-together product, though only barely above average. While this medium-packed, double capped cigar is very consistent, its construction is barely above average, and that is why this cigar scores lowest in this category compared to the other metrics.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Very nice draw
  • Consistently above average smoke
  • Construction is weaker than the competition
  • The blend should feature more higher-quality tobacco

Next on our list is another cigar featuring a Nicaraguan component. Wrapped in Corojo leaf, it gives a nice smoking experience but was the hardest to find and least reviewed cigar on this list. However, it was supposed to compare closely in many aspects to the Hoyo de Monterrey, so we had to track down this cigar and try it. This American cigar may not have Cuban history, but it is still a high-quality cigar for the price and may be more popular in the years to come after they tweak and perfect its blend and design.

While we were hoping the American made product could match the Hoya it was close but no cigar. Still a relaxing and quality taste, it just couldn’t match the other cigars on this list though we would still recommend it for someone looking to try out an American cigar on a budget as it is not low quality for the price. Maybe a slight change in blend or wrapper would allow it to match its counterparts sometime down the line.

Leave it to Americans to find a way to make something look more beautiful then it actually is. This full-strength Lionsdale shaped cigar has a lovely design, and aesthetic and will certainly turn some heads in a smoke room. A good mix of classic and modern, it is both relaxing and pleasing as well as catchy and commanding. Unfortunately, high-quality looks don’t make a cigar taste or smoke any better.

We were pleasantly surprised with the draw and burn on this cigar when it could burn as it should (more on that below). While it was not anything overly special, it was on par with similar cigars of its caliber and held its own throughout the course of a smoke. Once this cigar gets burning, it is definitely one of the better burning American cigars out there for the price, and one of the easiest draws.

While it is a well-put together cigar, we did have some problems with its consistency as it would occasionally be extremely difficult to light. However, when we were able to get it to stay lit and burn slow, it was a remarkably good cigar for being American made, and certainly seemed to have a good hold on how to put together a quality cigar.

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Smooth Draw
  • Fair Price
  • merican Made (Looks better than it Smokes)
  • Issues lighting occasionally
  • iddle of the Road tobacco

Now on to our first Cuban entry on this list and it is a good one. Multiple reviewers claim this to be their favorite cigar and for good reason as it blends a smooth draw with an absolute pristine construction. Using only 100% Cuban tobacco, this hand-made, thick cigar shows us why Habanos are the Kings of their brand and this may be the best cigar they have ever made. Definitely on the expensive side, if you have the money to spend on this cigar, it is worth it for special occasions or after a really tough day.


Price – About $$per cigar 

Very rarely do we have to defend a 4.5 for being low, but this is one of those occasions. The reason for the lower rating is that the pepper taste can be overwhelming to those who don’t appreciate it and drown out the juicy, high-quality Cuban tobacco that people really want to taste. However, to most the peppery taste is a nice touch that has been perfected with years of experience.

This cigar has a nice, classic look that is certainly appealing, but the makers of this cigar clearly didn’t focus on caring too much about what it looked like as long as it was a high-quality smoke, and really, we should thank them for it. While its outward appearance may not turn any heads, the label and quality of the smoke will without question.

The only reason that we didn’t give this cigar a 5 out of 5 here is because the burn can lead to that overpowering pepper taste. The draw is perfect every time, but sometimes a quick burn overwhelms the tobacco with a peppery taste that can drown out the other flavors. This is a very minor complaint, however, and so it is still scored very highly.

For those wondering how to perfectly construct a cigar, this is it. Every cigar is handmade, and you can certainly see the difference as each one is perfection. They light up easy each time and will always be a good smoke, even if they are rarely a little peppery. Any smoking connoisseur should have on of these at some point in their life.

  • Perfect handmade construction
  • Only the highest-quality Cuban tobacco
  • One of the smoothest draws of any cigar
  • Expensive (and hard to get due to being Cuban)
  • Rarely to peppery

There are not many non-Cubans that can match the previous entry on our list, but this Nicaraguan masterpiece may have done it. We put this on the list to show what a high-end Nicaraguan cigar could do in comparison to the Hoya, and we are so glad we did as this was definitely the most pleasent surpirse of any on the list. We knew the Hoya was good, we knew the Cuban would be good, but this cigar was well above what we expected.


Price About $$$ per cigar

While for those who like the spice in the Cuban that would be just a tad tastier, this cigar is the best for the average smoker and is both luxurious, smooth and relaxing. Matching the taste of all but the best Cuban cigars, this one is a tour-de-force from Nicaragua.

When you want to claim to be of Cuban quality but not be from Cuba, then you have to look better than a Cuban cigar, and this one pulled it off with a lovely modern tapering design that promotes an easy draw and a consistent burn.

It came so close to matching the Cuban, but in the end, the Cuban just had a better draw and burn. That isn’t to say that this cigar doesn’t draw remarkably smooth or burn well consistently, but it just can’t match the Kings of the craft.

While the appearance comes out beautifully, it may cause an issue on the consistency and construction of the cigar as this is certainly its weakest point. Still of high quality, maybe a slight change in design could put this cigar over the top.

  • Amazing taste and burn
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Expensive, especially for non-Cuban
  • Appearance may affect construction

Compared to the rest of the cigar’s on the list, the Hoya was absolutely the best for the price and earns a solid 4.2 out of 5, boosted by the fact that it is so cheap and readily available. While the last two cigars on the list would both score above a 4.5, they also cost about 3-4 times as much, making the Hoya a high-quality choice at a lower price point. If you are interested in trying any of the cigars the list, just follow the links provided and enjoy a high-quality smoke.

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