To the west of Cuba and Dominica, across the Caribbean Sea, lies Honduras – a beautiful, tobacco-rich South American nation.

The country was once the second largest exporter of Non-Havana cigars. However, things have changed over the years, and Cuba and the Dominican Republic have taken the center stage.

Is it because Honduran cigars are low quality? Absolutely not! In fact, Honduras still produces some of the finest premium smokes today. It is baffling that some cigar smokers simply refuse to appreciate the nutty and deep woody flavor of Honduran cigar brands.

But if you are all about rich taste and flavor, here are 8 Honduran cigars you should be enjoying.

Top 8 Honduran Cigars to Try Out 

1.   Alec Bradley Sanctum

There’s a reason why the Alec Bradley Sanctum was included in the list of top 25 cigar brands in 2015. This flat-out tasty smoke comes with an exhilarating blend of Nicaragua, Colombian, and of course, Honduran filler. It also features a Costa Rican binder covered in soft, golden-brown Honduran leaf.

It is a great cigar that stands out from past Alec Bradley offerings.

2.   C.L.E Corojo

The CLE is made by the one and only Christian Eiroa – the man who comes to mind when you think of exceptional Honduran cigars. The medium to full-bodied Corojo is all about that rich, tasty flavor.

The inner tobacco is an excellent all-Honduran blend, but that’s not even the most exciting part. That would be the golden brown, mouth-watering Corojo wrapper that gives this cigar its distinctive robust flavor.

Eiroa once said that he designs the flavors of his cigars according to his mood, and it is clear that he was happy when he made the Corojo.

3. Rocky Patel the Edge Corojo

Almost every true cigar smoker has tried this one. It is the staple of cigars, whose consistency remains unrivaled.

The blend features five-year aged tobacco with a Honduran filler and a Nicaraguan binder encapsulated in a smooth Corojo leaf wrapper. Its flavor is a robust amalgam of cedar, espresso, cocoa, and caramel.

Next time you fire one up, pair it with coffee for an even better taste.

4. Punch Gran Puro

This all-Honduran stick is as tasty as it comes. It is almost full-bodied with an earthy filler, a native binder, and a Havana seed wrapper.

The unique characteristic of this Honduras cigar is its earthy and spicy flavor which gives off notes of citrus and chocolate. If you love spicy aromatic cigars, then look no further than the Gran Puro.

5. Camacho Connecticut

These cigars are all about boldness.

The new smooth Ecuadoran wrapper is the highlight of the new Camacho Connecticut. Cigar smokers are adamant that the new wrapper has toned it down, making the smoke more palatable.

These cigars also boast of a delicious blend of Dominican and Honduran filler, which is pleasantly complemented by a rich Honduran binder. It also has well-balanced flavors of cedar, leather, and earth.

6. CAO OSA Sol Lot 54

These are probably the most underrated cigars from Honduras. Unappreciated and undervalued, the CAO OSA Sol selection is certainly not short of savory aroma and taste.  Cedar and a hint of leather are the two flavors that make up the cigar’s aroma.

The shimmery Honduran wrapper, the Nicaraguan-Honduran filler, and the broadleaf binder combine deliciously to emit medium-bodied earthy smoke.

7. C.L.E. Plus 2015 Robusto

Just like the C.L.E Corojo, the C.L.E. Plus 2015 Robusto is another masterpiece from Christian Eiora. He is all about taste, elegance, and experience.

This cigar is made with Eiroa’s spicy Corojo tobaccos. It boasts of a medium-full creamy smoke with a semi-sweet pepper taste.

It’s a great pick for any type of smoker, especially when complemented with the pairing of your choice.

8. Don Tomas Sun Grown Robusto

Don Tomas cigars have been around for quite a while. They are well known for taking the cigar flavor game a notch higher, and the Sun Grown has not disappointed.

Introduced in 2007, this cigar comes with a top-notch Honduran tobacco relish. The sun-kissed Jamastran wrapper lovingly engulfs the puro, resulting in a well-balanced aroma. It produces full-bodied smoke, which is surprisingly not overpowering.

Great Choices for a Choosy Smoker

If you are a picky smoker who loves nothing but the best, consider these eight choices. They are a great mix of Honduran tobacco, wrappers, and tasty spices. These cigars are designed with so much oomph that you may never go back to your regular smoke. Enjoy!

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