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If you are looking for a cigar that is unique and extraordinary, then the Drew estate cigars review is what you should look for. There are hundreds of cigars in the market; however, not all cigars in the market give you the thrill of owning one. This article seeks to enlighten cigar lovers on the best cigar to buy.

Drew Estate cigars are state-of-the-art cigars acclaimed for their unique sizes, unusual shapes and the exotic herbs they are made of. The first product produced by the Drew estate was the ACID cigars. Years later, the drew estate cigars became a known brand internationally with different flavors and designs to their name.

Other products under this brand include the Undercrown sun-grown cigars, Undercrown shade cigars, the Undercrown Maduro cigars and more. To use these cigars, the first step is to choose the right cigar from the Drew estate portfolio. Once the right cigar has been chosen, you will need to clip the end of the cigar. The best way to do this is to use a clipper and not a knife. Once the cigar is clipped, you can enjoy your Drew estate cigar by lighting it. Only when you have done this, will you enjoy this product.

The products under the Drew estate cigars portfolio are unique and come in different sizes, unusual shapes and use exotic herbs. The Tabak Especial is unique because it incorporates a rich blend of Nicaraguan Criollo wrapped in two shades. This cigar is then drizzled with the finest Nicaraguan estate-grown coffee for an amazing essence.

Other cigars in the Drew estate cigars portfolio include the natural and Kentucky fire Cured cigars. One feature of the Natural cigar is that it is a handmade cigar. They come in around seven front marks that are all unique and uses a combination of long-filler tobaccos with an aged Cuban seed as the ingredient. It is unique because it has mocha flavors and cappuccino flavors.

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The Kentucky fire-cured Drew estate cigars comes with a Nicaraguan binder and a San Andres wrapper. The binder and sealer conceal a secret blend of tobacco that is age filled. The Kentucky Fire Cured cigar is unique in the sense it puffs out sweet smelling smoke made from a combination of oak and Kentucky burley tobacco.

Prices from the Drew estate cigars portfolio varies from one product to the other. You should expect to enjoy a Drew estate cigars for around $0.33 to 40 dollars depending on the cigar you are buying. Drew estate cigars can be bought on https://www.cigars.com/drew-estate-cigars

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To give you a comprehensive review of Drew estate cigars, we have compared it to other competing products in the market. The products were chosen for this review because of their price, quality, and popularity in the market. This way, we can give you a comprehensive review. The products are;

  • Diamond Crown
  • Macanudo
  • Cuesta-Rey

The Tabak Especial is popularly known for its flavor and trademark design. This handmade cigar has a rich coffee flavor that is complemented by high-quality tobacco flavors. The Kentucky Fire Cured tobacco comes with a roasted hickory and oak flavor.
For the flavors used in the two cigars, we give them a four-star rating.

The Tabak Especial cigar comes in two wrapper shades that are used for wrapping the rich Nicaraguan Criollo tobacco. One of the shade is made from an oily Connecticut broadleaf black in color while the second shade is made from a brown Connecticut shade that is medium. The Kentucky Fire Cured cigar uses a Nicaraguan binder and a San Andres wrapper. The wrapper is very light brown. Others are medium brown with a mellow body like the Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly cigar.

For appearance, we give them a 4.5-star rating.


Drew estate cigars have a mixed blend of flavors and shapes. All this depend on a person’s individual needs. In quality, we gave it a 4.5-star rating.

  • The Tabak Especial is ideal for camping as you enjoy the coffee flavor on a campfire
  • The Tabak is smooth and blends well with whiskey
  • The acid series is a non-aromatic cigar
  • Some handmade cigars may have construction flows

Diamond Crown cigars are cigars whose ingredients are grown using GPS tracking to ensure that all the vital micronutrients needed to make an exemplary diamond crown cigar is present in the soil. Tobacco grown for diamond cigars are safe to use as they are organically grown with no industrial chemicals added to the soil. This gives a diamond crown cigar an uncompromised exemplary flavor.

Unlike a Drew estate cigar, a diamond crown cigar is unique in the sense it uses a Connecticut wrapper that is fermented. The leaves used to make a diamond crown cigar are fermented for around five years to achieve the desired quality. Without this fermentation, the quality will not be as desired. A Diamond cigar is made in such a way that the most favorable parts of a tobacco leaf are rolled to ensure an exquisite flavor that is rich and welcoming. The unique thing about a diamond crown cigar is that the leaves must be dried for about five years before they can be rolled into a cigar.


There are different diamond crown cigars all with different flavors, shapes, and design. These varieties include the diamond crown natural, the diamond crown Maximus and the diamond crown Julius Ceaser.  The diamond crown natural is a handmade cigar made from a smooth blend of Dominican Republic tobacco. This blend gives it a rich flavor that is razor sharp. The Diamond Crown Maximus boasts of a smooth flavor made from an undertone of cedar spice and notes of coffee beans.

For the rich blend flavor, we gave it a 4-star rating.


Natural Diamond Crown cigars are made of a double fermented Connecticut that is golden brown in color. Depending on your reference, you can also get this cigar with a Maduro broadleaf Connecticut that is dark in color. The Maximus cigar is a handmade cigar that uses an Ecuadorian wrapper that is very rare to find and sun grown. This wrapper is known as a Sumatra wrapper.

Here, we gave it a 4-star rating.


The quality of a diamond crown cigar is exemplary. For this, we give it a 4.5-star rating.

  • Comes in unique shapes and sizes
  • The cigar has a mild smoke with a consistent flavor throughout
  • Some products have a hard feel instead of firm
  • It is too pricey hence one only uses it on special occasions

Unlike the Diamond crown cigar and the Drew Estate cigars, the Macanudo is purely Nicaraguan tobacco that is 100% handmade. To ensure an exquisite taste and flavor is achieved, the binders are sourced from the Philippines, the wrappers from Indonesia and the fillers from Nicaragua. The cigar is blended with the essence of gourmet roasted coffee. One of the unique things about this cigar is that it produces a creamy smoke that will defiantly leave you in awe.

Macanudo cigars come in different shapes and flavors. This includes the Macanudo Inspirado Black, Macanudo Inspirado Red, and the New Macanudo Mao. The Macanudo Mao is the latest variety to hit the market. Unlike Drew estate Cigars this is made from the heirloom seed that gives it a medium flavor that is exotic.


To enjoy a Macanudo cigar, expect to pay around $1 to 10 dollars per stick. You can buy this on various online portals such as  https://www.bestcigarprices.com/macanudo-cigars/ or finding a shop near you via the company’s website portal.


Since there are different varieties of Macanudo cigars, we will only concentrate with the most popular varieties in their possession. The Macanudo Mao has a distinct mild flavor because of its main ingredient; the heirloom seeds. The cigar uses a combination of citrus and graham to produce this flavor. As you enjoy your cigar, you feel a mix of graham, hay, and Citrus.

As for the Macanudo Inspirado white, expect a mild to medium flavor. A sweet taste will be felt because of an Indonesian binder used to make this cigar. This binder gives this cigar its aromatic richness. Other varieties such as the Macanudo Inspirado red, have a full flavor, because of notes of pepper and spice used to make it.

For this, we gave it a 4-star rating.


Unlike Drew Estate cigars, the Macanudo Mao uses a Connecticut shade wrapper made from a Cuban seed. The wrapper covers a Mexican binder with Colombian tobacco as fillers. They have a length of about five inches with a ring gauge of 50. It is covered by a dark brown wrapper whose texture is like that of fine sandpaper. The cigar is perfect with no visible veins on it.

For the perfection seen on the cigar, we gave it a 4.5 rating.


The Macanudo Mao is an impressive cigar, and for this, we gave it a 4-star rating.

  • It has a good blend of different flavors with none been dominant
  • The cigar has an excellent draw line
  • The cigar burns faster than the Drew estate cigars
  • It is not as aromatic as other brands

Unlike the Drew Estate cigars, the Cuesta-Rey is 100% handmade. The cigars are of exceptional quality and are made from Brazilian filler tobaccos that are blended with a mellow binder from the Dominican Republic. The Cuesta-Rey boasts of three collections; the Cuesta-Rey Cabinet selection, Cuesta Rey Centro Fino and the Cuesta-Rey Centenario.

The Centro Fino comes with an exemplary craftsmanship. It can either be a medium or a full cigar. After being rolled, the cigar is then aged in cabinets that are cedar lined, and this gives it its unique flavor. The Cabinet Collection comes in a variety of sizes such as 3 and 6 wrappers. This can either be a Connecticut Broadleaf or a Connecticut from African Cameroon.


To get a Cuesta-Rey cigar, you will pay around $7 to 10 dollars per stick. You can also register as a retailer on their online platform to get exclusive offers.


Lighting the Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino will offer you a mixture of flavors such as a combination of dark chocolate and oak. Other lesser flavors that are included are espresso beans, powdery cocoa beans, and generic nuts. The flavor of the Cuesta Rey Centenario can be described as nice and mild as it has a nice aroma.


The Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino comes in an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper with a length of 4 1/2 inches. The Ecuadorian wrapper is chocolate brown with a nice smooth touch. Unlike the Drew Estate cigars, this cigar can either be a full-bodied cigar or a medium cigar. Once you order the cigar, expect to have it in a cool, impressive tube.

The Ecuadorian is handcrafted to perfection as there was no visible fault on the Sumatra wrapper.
For the variety of sizes, we rated it with a five-star rating.


This cigar comes with a bitter taste at the finish, and for this, we gave it a 3.5-star rating.

  • It comes in different designs and sizes for you to choose which you best prefer
  • The cigar comes in a cool tube casing
  • Unlike the Drew Estate cigars, it burnt out quickly
  • The cigar is hard instead of firm when squeezed

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The Drew estate cigars are an absolute masterpiece. Though it fell short on some ranking factors when compared to the different brands reviewed, its impressive cigar portfolio countered this disadvantage. For this, we rank the Drew estate cigars with an average rating of 4.5.

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