10 Dominican Republic Cigars You Should be Smoking

Being the largest economy in Caribbean Islands, Dominica is known for so many great things, including a serene tropical climate, crystal-clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, baseball, friendly locals, and a rich history of growing tobacco.

This beautiful island nation produces some of the world’s most premium cigars, far outpacing other tobacco-growing countries like Cuba, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In fact, a good number of Dominican Republic cigar brands are made with tobacco from Cuban seeds that were smuggled out of the country during the Castro era.

But Dominican tobacco – even if they’re from Cuban seeds – has its own unique taste, thanks to the rich volcanic soils in the country.

The best cigars are known to be flavorful and well-constructed. Here are the best ten you should try out:

10 Dominican Cigars You Should Try 

1. Davidoff Aniversario

No cigar enthusiast can resist the luxurious and smooth profile of the Davidoff Aniversario. Its cedar flavor is delightfully balanced with hints of coffee, cream, and nuts.

With this cigar, you are guaranteed a great taste of class from a Dominican brand that’s dedicated to the satisfying the sophisticated taste of high-class cigar fanatics.

2.  Cohiba Dominican Corona

As one of the most recognizable brands in the cigar industry, Dominican Cohiba cigars offer a perfect mix of Cuban-legacy and brilliant medium-bodied smoke.

They are made from a mix of Indonesian and Dominican long-filler tobaccos wrapped under a Cameroonian leaf. Cohiba has a distinctive great aroma and tasty profile. Don’t miss an opportunity to taste this famous Cuban-heritage brand at one of the many Dominican Republic cigar factory tours.

3. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto

It took several years in deciding which rare and vintage tobacco would be used in the commemorative cigar honoring of the great Carlos Fuente. The wait was worth it!

The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto is seasoned to perfection – it’s made from handpicked Dominican filler leaf that is exclusively grown in the Arturo Farm and covered in a flawless Cameroonian wrapper.

With a very smooth draw and a perfect burn, the Robusto delivers layer upon layer of class and sophistication. Chocolate, nuts, and cocoa resonate as the most dominant flavors that are complemented by spicy and cedar notes that will linger your palate.

4. Macanudo Prince Phillip

Macanudo is one of the best-selling cigars in the USA, and once you taste the charming goodness of the Prince Phillip, you’ll understand why.

To achieve this prominent status, this sleek cigar sources tobacco from the rich farmlands of the San Andres Tuxtla Valley in Mexico and wraps it in stunning Connecticut wrappers.

Today, this Dominican jewel is a sought-after treasure across the world.

5. Davidoff Winston Churchill

A top-rated cigar list is not complete without the mention of Winston Churchill – Fellow of the Royal Society, Companion of Honor, Member of the Order of Merit, Knight of the Order of the Garter, and many more titles.

Winston was a cigar lover, and this top-of-the-line cigar would surely satisfy his high-class palate. It is made from undisclosed tobacco and binder, and bound in an elegant Ecuadorian wrapper. There are no words that can describe the flavorful and creamy smoke of the Winston Churchill.

6. Ashton Virgin Sun Grown

The Virgin Sun Grown is made from perfectly aged Dominican tobacco that’s enshrouded with a dark and shimmering Ecuadorian wrapper leaf.

Its tantalizing full-bodied taste of cedar, earth, and spice is bold, flavorful, and aromatic.

7. La Flor Dominicana (LFD) La Nox

Dominican long fillers, San Andres binders, and Brazilian Habano wrappers complete the lush recipe of this magnificent Dominican cigar.

After just two years into the market, the La Nox has received tremendous praise for its flavorful taste and smooth draw.

8. Montecristo White Belicoso

Ever since the 1930s when it was first made, Montecristo is still an iconic Dominican cigar brand.

The Belicoso is a stylish masterpiece boasting of the finest Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers, hand-selected Nicaraguan binders, and the choicest Ecuadorian wrappers.

The result of the blend is slow-burning with a flavorful taste.

9. Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully

This feisty cigar is made from the choicest tobaccos fillers and binders from Brazil and Dominica, and swathed with a TBN java wrapper.

Being a Cuban-heritage cigar, it has a classic design and a smooth medium-bodied flavor and aroma.

10. H. Upmann Vintage Toro

This new H. Upmann retro is a medium-bodied cigar that offers the perfect balance of Peruvian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos and binders, wrapped in an elusive Cameroonian leaf. It’s rich and nutty taste evokes some fond memories for a seasoned cigar enthusiast and a bold, brilliant taste for a new smoker.

Once You Go Dominican, You Can Never Go Back

Today, there so many cigar brands in the market, but nothing beats the rich taste and sophistication of Dominican cigars. In fact, you are not a true fanatic if you haven’t smoked a cigar from the great island of Dominica. Try one of these elegant choices – you’ll love them!

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