Cohiba Behike 56 Review, Pricing And Comparison To Other Brands

Everyone has their own idea of what makes up the “perfect” cigar, but it is generally accepted that the Cohiba Behike 56 is one of the most elusive and highest quality cigars you can purchase. How will you know if this cigar is for you? Check out the following review to get an idea of what makes this cigar so popular amongst even the most knowledgeable cigar smokers.

The taste of this style of Davidoff is nice and strong without overpowering, but it is not at the top of the line like other cigars, and even some cheaper Cubans have a better taste rating for a fraction of the cost. This style has a nut and wood flavor with a surprising strength to the flavor, but other versions offer a lighter strength.

The Cohiba Behike 56 is a large, expensive, and unique Cuban cigar that is known for being exclusive and expensive. It was created in 1966 as a premier brand in Havana and used for diplomatic purposes, and it said to have been Fidel Castro’s favorite cigar.

The Cohiba Behike 56 incorporates the Medio Tiempo leaf into its blend, which is part of what makes it unique and exclusive. These leaves are the top two leaves of the tobacco plant, which receive more sunlight than other leaves on the plant. The addition of these leaves adds an intense flavor and more strength to the cigar, and the flavor is similar to coffee. Because this leaf does not grow at the top of every tobacco plant, there are limited quantities of the leaf, and therefore limited quantities of the cigars.

The Cohiba Behike cigar is also unique because it is huge when compared to other cigars. Cigars range from a 26 ring gage, up to a 57 ring gage. This cigar has a 56 ring gage, putting it at the top of the size list. This cigar is made mostly with aged tobacco and therefore does not need to be aged, like most other Cuban cigars, but allowing it to breathe for a week before smoking can help with the wrap staying intact.

Depending on where you buy the cigars, they can range from around $80 to $300 for a single cigar. If you want to purchase a box of them, you will spend between $700 to $1200.

We picked a couple of similar products available on the market to see how they compare. The comparisons consider pricing, quality of the wrap and packaging, manufacturer rating, and customer reviews to determine which ones are the best and to figure out how they stack up compared to the exclusive Cohiba line of cigars.     

The Cohiba Behike 56 is approximately $$ for a single cigar and $$$ for a box of 10. The price is at the top of the line, with a single cigar costing $$ and a box of 10 costing more than $$$ There are no other options for this particular style from this seller, but if you want a Cohiba cigar, there are other styles to choose from that are still expensive, but come in a little more affordable. 

Woody, full, robust, and complex, the flavor is exceptional and unique, unlike any other cigar. 

The manufacturer offers free shipping on products over $$ and ships products on time. They arrived quickly and packaged nicely, and the customer service is exceptional.

The overall quality is nice and made well, but due to the cigar’s size, it can come apart when smoking if you don’t allow them to settle properly. This one is a 56 ring gage with a double robusto shape. Other styles and sizes have different wrap qualities. The packaging is well-done and allows the cigars in the box to retain their shape.

  • Excellent flavor
  • A great manufacturer with fast shipping 
  • Top of the line cigar
  • Expensive for most people and budgets.
  • Expensive for a wrap quality that isn’t always strong.
  • The size can be a problem for comfortable smoking. 

This cigar comes from one of the biggest names in cigar smoking. These luxury, handmade cigars are made to suit all level of smokers but are a particular favorite for cigar connoisseurs. The strength of these cigars ranges from medium- to full-bodied, depending on the type you select. While they are not Cuban, they smoke like a Cuban. These come in a Corona Larga shape and is slightly longer than most cigars made of Ligero tobacco. The tobacco gives has complex nutty and woody flavors with surprising strength and depth. It comes in a 43 ring gage and is close to 6 inches long.

Approximately $$ for a box of 25 cigars. The price of these cigars is by the box, only, and come in boxes of 25. There is no option to buy a single cigar, but the price is not too high for the number of cigars you receive in a box. The cigars are in a mid-range for cost, ringing in at approximately $$$. These cigars are a bit pricey for the size and quality., especially considering they are not Cuban. 

Fast shipping, secure packaging, and good communication make this seller top-rated. They have a good reputation among buyers, earning them a five-star rating.

This cigar is small for the price, and the wrap is decent, but not exceptional. There are also inconsistencies in the wrap, since they are hand rolled, which can cause some cigars to have a heavier draw than others. They are also tightly packed, which can squish the cigars, ruining the quality of those on the bottom.

  • Great manufacturer to buy from.
  • Good taste and a range of strengths. 
  • Pricey for the size and quality.
  • Cannot be bought individually, which can deter buyers.

The Cuaba was the first cigar introduced for commercial production from Cuba since 1968. It was listed for sale in London in 1996. Every Cuaba is made in a double figurado, which has become its signature wrap. Cuaba originally offered just four smaller sizes, but three larger sizes have been released and are now in the standard lineup. This super sweet cigar has hints of caramel flavor that mellow into a coffee taste, and the strength ranges from mild to full and strong. This particular cigar has a Giant Perfecto shape and comes in a 47 ring gage, ringing in at approximately 9 inches long. The wrap is tight and snug, and the smoke is thin and smooth.

Approximately $$$ for a box of 20. The price of these cigars is per the box. They are not sold individually. The box contains 20 cigars and is on the higher end of price with one box costing around $$$. For the taste, though, the price point is decent, but if you aren’t ready to drop more than $$$ for a box of cigars, it can push you off buying.

This cigar boasts a sweet taste with hints of caramel that mellow into a coffee flavor. It is considered one of the better tasting cigars and the smoke is thin, so it doesn’t take away from the taste of the tobacco.

This manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee if the customer does not have full satisfaction, free shipping on orders over $$, and is fast and efficient. It has high ratings among customers.

The quality is nice, with a snug wrap and decent burn. The draw is harder than most, but that also allows you to smoke it slowly and take your time. The packaging is beautiful and done well, so as not to compromise the quality of the wrap.

  • Decent price for the quality.
  • Taste is excellent. 
  • Smoke is thin and smooth. 
  • Quality isn’t top of the line, but for the price, this may not be a true con. 
  • Taste is sweet, which could be a problem for some people.
  • Doesn’t allow you to buy less than a box of 20, and for the price, that can be daunting.

The Bolivar has a powerful, full-strength woody flavor, and is in Belicoso shape. It has a 52 ring gage and is five and a half inches in length. This cigar was introduced in 1901 and is a favorite among cigar smokers even though it is one of the least expensive cigars you can buy. The Belicoso Fino is the only figurado in the Bolivar line, which features more than 20 types of cigars. This particular style of cigar offers the strongest smoke in the brand, and the smoke itself registers as earthy, with hints of minerals, raw cocoa, and coffee.

Approximately $ for a single cigar and $$ for a box of 25. For the price, this is one of the cheapest cigars with a great quality you can get for your money. This is one reason the cigar is often on back order. If you can’t find the particular style you like, the Bolivar line offers more than 20 types of cigars, so you will have plenty more to choose from.

The taste is not the top of the line, but it is top-rated among customers because it is a great price for a full, rich, woody flavor. This particular style is strong.

The manufacturer offers exceptional customer service and fast shipping on all in-stock orders. Customers praise the quality of service and give it five stars.

Most of the cigars in the box are wrapped nicely, allowing you to get an even draw, but customers report some cigars being wrapped too tightly, leading to a hard draw. For inconsistency, the quality gets a four-star rating. The packaging can also be tight when you order the box so that can compromise the shape of the cigar. Because of this, several reviews discussed better quality when purchasing a single cigar. 

  • Great taste for the price. 
  • Multiple styles within the Bolivar line, so there is something for everyone. 
  • Inconsistent wrap quality which can lead to various experiences when smoked. 
  • Often on back order, so it may not be available when you want to order. 

When you are looking for a top-rated cigar, the Cohiba Behike 56 receives a 5-star rating. While the taste isn’t for everyone, it does offer something unique and flavorful. It is made from rare leaves that make it an exclusive cigar for the most seasoned cigar lover. While the Cohiba is offered in 11 sizes, the Cohiba Behike 56 is offered in a 56 ring gauge and is six and a half inches long. The price point pushes off most potential buyers, as one single cigar can cost you $140, but for those willing to spend the extra money, this cigar has no rival and earns its 5-star rating.  

If you are not fond of the price of the Cohiba Behike 56 but want a cigar with a complex, rich, and powerful flavor, the Bolivar line offers something for everyone, with more than 20 styles and sizes to choose from, all within a price range that almost every cigar smoker can afford. The style listed here comes in at 4 stars, but it offers quality and taste that can’t be beaten for the price you pay, and with so many styles to choose from, you will find something in the Bolivar line you prefer.

You can order these as a single cigar at $13 per stick, or a box of 25 for $260. Out of the cigars reviewed, these two were the only ones that allow customers to purchase just a single cigar, instead of a full box, making them perfect buys for people unsure of the flavor, but wanting to try a new cigar.

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