Cigar smokers are an interesting lot. They claim that the most enjoyable part of being a “cigar aficionado” is indulging and experimenting with different cigar shapes and blends.

Yet, the contrary is true for most smokers. They tend to develop a preference and stick to it. Among these preferences is the way their cigars are rolled.

Over the years, these habitual sophisticated lovers of tobacco have developed a clear preference for the round variety of cigars. Maybe it’s because the round pressed cigars are easily available or they just don’t like switching things up.

However, this trend is slowly withering off, and the box pressed cigar is finally getting the love it so rightly deserves. But what’s all the hype about box pressed cigars?

Why You Should Try Out Box Pressed Cigars

1. Long Lasting Smoke

It is one thing to enjoy a quality cigar, and another to enjoy a long-lasting quality one. If you love smoking, you’ll definitely want the experience to last a little bit longer, right?

Well, that is what the stocky box pressed type is all about.

The cigar press is thick and compact and this slows down the burning process. This results in long-lasting cigars that you can enjoy for longer than you would with the traditional round cigar.

2. Bolder Taste and Smell

Nobody seems to understand why, but the truth is a box pressed cigar is way more intense compared to the traditional one.

Therefore, if you are the type of smoker that appreciates a rich smell and a bolder taste, you might want to get your hands on one of these bad boys. This cigar is way more enhanced and a little bit stronger.

But if what you are looking for is a mild headrush, then box pressed cigars should not even cross your mind. A basic round shaped cigar should work for you.

Still skeptical? Why don’t you experiment with both types and feel the difference for yourself? You’ll be blown away.

3. They Don’t Roll

Isn’t it just annoying how you put your cigar on the table, only to end up collecting it from the floor? They just can’t stay put.

That is not the case with a square cigar. It stays right where you want it, and more importantly, close to you. That is a loyal cigar that never gets away.

4. Don't Like the Shape? You Can Always Change It!

Sometimes, box pressed cigars tend to have a more rounded shape if kept in a humidor for a while. If you just can’t stand a squared up cigar, you can revert them to the traditional round shape that you are accustomed to.

It will only cost you a little patience.

5. The Novelty Effect

There is something about trying out new things. It gets better if what you are trying is an odd looking, but bold cigar.

One of these days, take a bold step and fire up one of these stocky puros. Who knows, maybe changing things up will change your smoking experience forever. Maybe this unorthodox box shape is the final jolt your smoking palate has been lacking all along. Or maybe you will just sit there and wonder, “Who on earth thought this was a brilliant idea?”

Whatever the case, you will certainly have a new experience to talk about.

6. Burns More Evenly

If you are a true cigar aficionado, then you probably understand how annoying it can be when your cigar burns unevenly – its messy and compromises on your experience.

Box pressed cigars tend to burn more evenly than round shaped cigars. So you don’t have to worry about aligning your cigar on your ashtray each and every time.

Your Cigar, Your Choice

The benefits to any cigar shape are solely dependent on the smoker. You may like one attribute about a particular shape and hate another.

Nonetheless, many cigar smokers argue that box-shaped cigars burns better and is more flavorful.

If you have never tried it, don't miss out on this opportunity because it is new and looks weird. If you applied that kind of logic in all your life choices, there are so many things you wouldn’t be having now—including kids!

Who knows, maybe you’ll like them, or you won’t. But how will you ever know if you don’t try them?

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