As the largest country in Central America, Nicaragua is a popular tourist destination that is famed for its vast tropical forests, breathtaking beaches, volcanic activity, and lush tobacco crops. Nicaragua’s diversity in culture and geography is reflected in its great variety of flavorsome cigars.

For the past few years, Nicaraguan tobacco has been gaining popularity. Each and every year, there has been a growing demand for darker and full-flavored smokes, and this Central American country has surely delivered. Its favorable climate and fertile soils are ideal for growing premium tobacco.

One interesting fact about the Nicaraguan tobacco is that it’s grown in different regions which produce different types. The Condega Valley produces thinner-leafed tobacco that’s mostly used as binders. The Jalapa Valley produces flavorsome tobacco leaves that are perfect for both fillers and wrappers. Esteli and Ometepe have dark, rich soils that produce thicker leaves with a much spicier taste.

Narrowing down a list of the best cigars from Nicaragua is not easy, but here are top Nicaraguan smokes that you’ll find difficult to put down:

Top 8 Nicaraguan Cigars

1. Antillas Belicoso by My Father

Ever since its introduction in early 2011, the Antillas Belicoso has been a skillful display of elegance and flavor. This well-bundled cigar contains filler and binder tobacco from the fertile soils of Esteli in Nicaragua.

Complementing its unique blend is a silky Criollo wrapper. You’ll definitely love the flavorsome notes of cedar, coffee, nutmeg, and pepper.

2. La Amor De Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso

These beautiful cigars are designed by Jose Garcia himself at one of the My Father factories in Esteli. A gorgeous San Andres wrapper encapsulates the handpicked Nicaraguan tobacco to produce a rich and smooth taste of coffee, earth, spices, and chocolate. This flavorsome smoke will never disappoint.

3. Davidoff Nicaragua

If you are a Davidoff fan who loves medium-bodied cigars blended toward a much richer taste, the Davidoff Nicaragua may be your best bet. It epitomizes smoking pleasure and elegance while offering a slightly robust tobacco blend as compared to other Davidoff brands.

Its tasty insides are carefully bound in a Cuban-seed Nicaraguan wrapper that compliments the creamy taste of Davidoff.

4. Famous Selection 3000

The Famous 3000 is not only a well-bundled cigar, but it also offers quality at a ridiculously affordable price. Its Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is nicely complemented with its distinct oval pressed shape which enhances the full-flavored smoking experience.

Because of its compact construction, the 3000 burns well to give out an earthy taste with spicy tones and a sweet aroma. When you try one of these beauties, you can never go back.

5. Jova De Nicaragua Antano Machito

Made from Nicaragua’s first cigar factory, this cigar has surpassed the test of time and is considered to be one of the best in the world. It is one of the few well-known brands from the country and now features a remarkable Habano Criollo wrapper.

While they might not be as large as other cigars on the list, they are absolute powerhouses that provide full-bodied flavor.

6. Olivia Serie V

This top-selling Nicaraguan cigar is, without a doubt, a mark of cigar-making excellence that offers sublime smoking experience with full-flavored notes of rich espresso and dark chocolate. It’s the perfect after-dinner cigar that blends perfectly with a scotch, bourbon, or strong coffee.

The Jalapa Ligero filler lets you know that you are smoking the real deal and the Habano wrapper has a stunning maroon hue that complements that overall experience.

7. San Lotano Maduro

Created by the master blender himself, AJ Fernandez, the Maduro sports a unique square pressed profile that has taken the cigar industry by storm.

Its fillers and binders are sourced from three tobacco nations nestled beneath an oily, black wrapper. The distinct recipe delivers cocoa, spice, caramel, and chocolate taste notes. Without a doubt, the Maduro has revolutionized the art of Nicaraguan cigar making.

8. Padron 1864 Anniversary

Padron cigars in Nicaragua live up to their expectations with their extensively aged tobacco and unmatched elegance. And with the 1864 Anniversary, you’ll experience a full-bodied smoke with every draw you take. It has a flavorful mix of cedar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pepper taste buds.

Take a Cigar Tour to Enjoy All the Tobacco Variety in Nicaragua

If you are a true cigar junkie and would like to taste some of the best Nicaraguan cigars, ensure you take one of the many cigar tours in Nicaragua and visit the great tobacco-growing valleys in the country.

Enjoy your smokes!

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