7 Best Cigar Humidor Brands

There is nothing as sexy and relaxing as a high-quality and flavorsome cigar. If you have ever purchased a name brand, then understand how pricey they can be – the higher the quality, the more cash you spend.

But why waste your hard-earned money buying the choicest cigars only to find them stale after a few weeks in the drawers? You need to invest in a first class cigar humidor to store your beloved stash.

A humidor will maintain the humidity level and temperature conditions of your cigars and ensure that they fresh and rich in flavor the next time you want a puff.

But what are the best cigar humidor brands? Well, there is a wide range of humidors in the market that vary in price, shape, and size – you can buy a hardwood solid humidor or go for a glass-beveled one. It’s all a matter of preference and taste.

To make your cigar humidor buying process easier, here is a detailed guide of the best humidors you may come across:

Top 7 Cigar Humidors to Buy 

1. S.T. Dupont

Style and class, perfectly describe Dupont humidors. It has beveled edges of blond wood that pair nicely with the dark wood that dominate the cigar’s design.

When it comes to its humidification capabilities, you can rely on the Dupont to keep your costly cigars fresh for longer. Its sleek and compact design also allows it to easily fit in a cigar refrigerator humidor.

2. Diamond Crown Washington

The attractive cheery hardwood body of this humidor covers an efficient humidity system and stunning cedar interiors.

Its easy-to-use hygrometer has a water line that tells you when to refill without shaking the jar or touch-testing the sponges. You can be assured that your smokes will have their same, old flavor when you return from your long trips.

3. Elie Bleu Macassar Ebony

Well-crafted with exotic hardwood inlays and exquisite marquetry, the Elie Bleu is almost perfect. Other than size, it’s hard to find any flaw here. Even though it may not hold as many as 100 cigars, whatever you put in these humidors will come alive with bold and flavorsome taste.

Additionally, the humidifier is a low-maintenance system with adjustable vents. Every detail of the Elie Blue is exciting, from its distinctive hygrometer to its top-notch tassels. It may not be pocket-friendly, but it is one of the best humidors you’ll spend your money on.

This is a distinctive antique cigar humidor that’s low and wide with an eye-catching dark exterior. In terms of capacity, this is one of the humidors that lives up to its promises by holding as many as 100 standard cigars and up to 32 Montecristos.

Its Perrenoud humidification system is low maintenance and will keep your cigars fresh for a very long time. With a superb Spanish cedar interior, a Michel Perrenoud humidor is simply a masterpiece.

5. Davidoff Humidors

Davidoff humidors are impeccably engineered to keep your beloved cigars cool, dry and fresh.

From the stylish lock system to the snug fit of the dividers, the details and construction of this brand are top-notch. Its patented humidification system is easy to use and has a sliding marker that tells you when to refill.

In addition, the hardwood interiors are not only stylish but also durable as they don’t absorb moisture like the Spanish cedar.

With a capacity of up to 20 cigars, this humidor may be smaller compared with others on the list but it sure does give you value for your money.

6. Dunhill Thuya

Dunhill humidors are well-made and exciting, and the Thuya is no exception. Properly crafted from exotic inlays and veneers, this humidor has a unique spotted pattern with a heavy cedar aroma.

From the outside, the Thuya may seem like a small box, but it can actually hold as many as 100 cigars. The humidification system works well, but the refilling requires a little bit of dexterity.

All in all, you can be assured that the shape and taste of your cigars are intact with a Dunhill humidor.

7. Thompson Cigar Humidors

Over the years, as the demand for quality cigars grows, Thompson humidors have risen to the occasion by creating a secure way to transport and protect your beloved stash.

These humidors are crushproof, waterproof, and weatherproof, making them the most reliable way to preserve the quality and flavors of your finest cigars.

What Should You Look in a Cigar Humidor?

No matter where you live, a good humidor should keep your cigars flavorful and fresh. As such, it is an important accessory if you want to enjoy a good smoke or have a large cigar collection.

In particular, a good humidor should have enough space, an effective humidifier, a cedar interior, and an airtight seal. However, these features can change depending on a person’s preferences.

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