Is there a difference between lighting a cigar with Zippo fluid and lighting it with butane?

No, the technique is the same.

The only difference is the types of flames produced by the different lighters. Liquid fuels from Zippo cigar lighters produce soft flames similar to that of a candle or match. On the other hand, butane fluids have a hotter, powerful, wind-resistant, concentrated, and much cleaner flames. This is probably why most cigars lighters use butane.

With so many reliable options in the market, it can be difficult to narrow down the best ones. From blue chip to cheap prices, single jets to flamethrowers, here are some of the best butane cigar lighters.

10 Top Butane Cigar Lighters to Consider 

1. S.T. Dupont Xtend

Dupont boasts of being one of the most well-equipped and sleekly designed cigar lighters on the market. You definitely get value for your money.

The Xtend features an ergonomic design, a single torch flame, and a single-action ignition system. In addition, it has a chrome window that helps you keep track of your fuel usage.

2. Jun-L Micro

The Jun-L Micro is a multi-purpose butane lighter. It can be used for cigars, camping, tailgating, and anything that may need fire.

It comes in single and double flame models, giving you the flexibility of choosing the most convenient way of lighting your cigars.

The best part about this lighter is its fuel efficiency and adjustable flame.

JUN-L Culinary Micro Butane Torch | Refillable Cooking Kitchen Blow Torch Can Adjustable Flame | for Pastries, Desserts, Crème Brûlée, Brazing, Soldering, Camping, Welding & More
  • Flame adjustable,self standing.
  • Alloy,the crater of high temperature ceramic,stay-on switch,keep burning without pressing.
  • Wall thickness:20mm;- Working pressure:12Pa; - The number of interchangeable tip:12; - Gas capacity:7.3g; - Time:45min; - Flame temperature:1300 ℃; - Welding / cutting thickness:100mm.
  • Fuel:Refillable with butane Gas (not included in product,you can buy that lighter refill gas like Ronson or Swan)
  • Windproof ideal for brazing, soldering, dental repairs, chef's torch,crème brûlée, plumbing, industrial maintenance, electronic repairs.Suitable for office, conference room, restaurant and other places

3. Blazer the Torch

The Torch is a lightweight, refillable butane lighter that boasts of flame temperatures of up to 2500F and a 20-minute continuous burn. It also has a lock switch that helps regulate the continuous flame.

For a hands-free experience, this lighter comes with a detachable stand. In addition, its clear fuel chamber helps in keeping track of your fuel usage.

4. Techno Triple Torch Jet Flame

This is one butane lighter that will guarantee you extraordinary service. It has a wind-resistant coating and produces triple flames to increase its efficiency. It can also be used for a wide range of activities apart from lighting your finest cigars.

Techno Single Torch Slant Jet Flame Windproof Color Lighter – Butane Refillable, perfect for Cigar, Cigarette
  • Premium Quality - Made with high quality materials for leak free and long lasting use. PRODUCT COMES AS SINGLE LIGHTER NOT AS A PAIR.
  • Easy and Safe - Easily refillable, simple click to ignite and adjustable flame control with safety lock. Comes with 1 random color
  • Well Designed - Comfortable hand use and coated with high-grade material and non-slip grip.
  • Best Features - Powerful single torch with wind resistance. Perfect cigar /cigarette lighter, culinary use, any activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, and so on.
  • Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are empty, so please fill with fuel before the actual lighting.

5. Xikar Cirro High Altitude

Xikar is known for offering both aesthetics and quality at a reasonably fair price. With a single turbo flame, windproof features, and a protective lid, the High Altitude is undeniably awesome.

Wherever you take it, lighting up one of these bad boys is never an issue. It also comes with a torch feature, an adjustment wheel, a simple ignition action, and a fuel window to keep you informed of your usage.

Xikar Cirro High Altitude Lighter - Gunmetal
  • Single High Altitude Turbo Windproof Flame
  • Protective Lid
  • Simple Thumb Action w/New Crosshatch Texture
  • Fuel Window
  • Adjustment Wheel

6. Moretti Vertigo Churchill

The Vertigo is one of the few known vintage cigar lighters in the country and it boasts of a sleek design with an ergonomic feel.  It is completely windproof and comes in a durable rubber casting. Its full-sized window adds up to its beautiful design while helping you to see how much fuel is left.

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7. Jetline New York

These torch lighters for cigars have a triple torch flame to give you an accurate and steady flame with every adjustable height.

There are no wheels on the Jetline, but you can use a mirror under the cap to light your beloved cigar. Its durability and ease-of-use is something you can definitely depend on for a long time to come.

8. Blazer PB207

With the fuel efficiency of butane, the cedar spiff of the Blazer offers you a wide flame to comfortably light your cigars. It also comes with an easy-to-use flame adjusting lever, a flame lock, a chained cap, and a clear bottom that allows you to see when you need refills.

Blazer PB207CR The Torch Butane Refillable Lighter
  • Side panel locking switch to lock flame on, for ease of use
  • Flexible, detachable rubber base, for hands-free, continuous use
  • Clear base, for easily viewable fuel gauge
  • Piezoelectric ignition system, requires no electrical connection
  • 2,500-degree F, wind-resistant, blue-torch flame, for more precise flame tip

9. Bugatti CEO

With this butane cigar lighter, you’ll finally get your hands on a Bugatti without paying a hefty price tag. Even though the manufacturer is generally known for its super sports cars, the cigar brand has also made a mark in the cigar industry.

This triple flame lighter boasts of a lightweight and ergonomic design, a large fuel tank, and a quick ignition system that will pair nicely with the Bugatti you’re driving.

Bugatti CEO Black Premium Triple Flame Cigar Lighter Butane + Punch Cutter (Black)
  • Top of the Line Triple-flame torch Lighter!
  • Fold out cigar punch, Cutter.
  • Large Fuel Tank! With A fuel viewing window!
  • Light-weight, yet durable!
  • Piezo Ignition!

10. Scorch Torch Triple Jet

One of the most eye-catching features of this scorch cigar lighter is its stunning design. It is a multipurpose lighter with a triple flame to offer you a convenient and quick way to light your cigars. The flame is easily adjustable to suit your preferences.

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment
  • Scorch Torch Premium Cigar Torch Lighter
  • Size: 1.20" x 0.90" x 3.00"
  • Butane Refillable; Adjustable Flame
  • Cap Opens Automatically When Slide Switch is Activated; Cigar Hole Punch Tool Attachment
  • Safe and Easy to Use

Bottom Line on Cigar Lighters

Even though it may be hard to find the perfect lighter, the above choices should give you a proper direction to what you want and need.

A cigar lighter can be quite dangerous when handled badly, so ensure that it’s always in good shape and stored well.

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