Avo Syncro Nicaragua Cigars Reviews

For those that enjoy the distinctive taste and aroma of a cigar, there are various different cigars to choose from these days. When you are choosing the right cigars for your needs, it is important to look at a range of factors. This includes the brand of the cigar, the price, where it is manufactured, the packaging and wrapper, the flavor, and cap, and what other people have to say about the product in online reviews. One of the various cigar brands you can choose is Avo Cigars. These are high-quality cigars that offer superb taste and flavor making them ideal for both novice and seasoned cigar smokers.

If you are considering purchasing Avo cigars, there are various different cigars you can choose from. One of the Avo cigars available on the market is the Avo Syncro Nicaragua, which has proven very popular for a range of reasons. There are also many other Avo cigars you can choose from so it is important to look at the pros and cons of all of these so you can make a more informed choice with regards to the best one for your specific needs. By choosing the right product from the range of Avo cigars, you can look forward to the perfect taste and flavor, the right price, a great aroma, and the perfect cigar smoking experience.

What Is The Avo Syncro Nicaragua?

The Avo Syncro Nicaragua is a medium to full-bodied cigar that has become known for its fabulous flavor and intensity. This is one of the many Avo cigars you can choose from and is ideal for those that are seasoned cigar smokers and want an intense experience. Made in Nicaragua, these Avo cigars come with Ecuador Connecticut wrapper and a Dominican binder. The high-quality filler is from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru. The cigars come with a medium brown/EMS wrapper.

Product Specs

When you opt for these Avo cigars, you can look forward to superb quality and construction, an even burn, central draw, and incredible taste. The binder that comes with these cigars is from the Dominican while the filler blend is from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru. You benefit from a medium brown wrapper color and an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, which adds to the overall experience. These Avo cigars are five inches in length and come in a box-pressed shape.

Pricing Of These Avo Cigars

The cost of these Avo cigars depends on the quantity you choose to purchase. You can buy a pack of five for around $45.00 or you can opt for a box of 20 cigars for around $180.00. While they are not the cheapest cigars out there, you will realize why when you try these delightful Avo cigars.

How It Compares

We picked a couple of similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Avo 30 Years 22 Redux
  • Avo Classic No. 3
  • Avo Classic Piramides

These Avo cigars offer a unique and memorable cigar smoking experience thanks to the intense taste, full body, and wonderful flavors. They have received excellent reviews from many people who have been delighted with the taste and flavor as well as the quality of these Avo cigars. With the notes of chocolate, cream, cherry, spices, and cedar, you can look forward to intense flavor. These are cigars that are perfect for even the most seasoned cigar smoker as they offer a medium to full body and unique intensity that will prove to be a real treat for the palate.  

You can purchase these Avo cigars in packs of 5 or boxes of 20. The cost is around $45.00 for a pack of 5 and around $180.00 for a box of 20.

With these Avo cigars, you will enjoy a wonderful taste and flavor. You can pick up notes of cherry, cream, cedar, and chocolate from these cigars, making them an excellent choice for even the most discerning palate. The flavor includes notes of chocolate, cedar, cherry, spices, and cream, all of which blends together to create a wonderful flavor and taste. The filler tobaccos used are the best quality ones from Peru, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

The wrapper that is used with these Avo cigars is the Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, which adds to the quality and taste of the cigar. The wrapper color is medium brown/EMS.

When you order these Avo cigars, you can look forward to attractive packaging that reflects the quality you can expect within. If you order in 20s, you can benefit from the attractive boxed packaging, which makes it ideal to give as a gift as well as to keep at home.

  • Packed with intense flavor
  • Made with the finest tobacco blend
  • An excellent even burn
  • Not the cheapest cigar option but you pay for quality and taste

Another of the popular Avo cigars you can choose from is the Avo 30 Years 22 Redux, which is a unique and limited edition that was released in 2002 and has now been re-released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Avo cigars brand. These are expertly rolled Avo cigars that use Ecuador sun-grown wrappers and binders from the Dominican. If you are looking for a cigar that offers full flavor and a great, balanced taste, this could be the ideal choice for you. The taste you get from this cigar combines earth, leather, coffee, spice, and pepper, all of which makes for a wonderful and memorable smoking experience.

Price ($$$$)

These cigars come in a canister of 19 cigars and can be purchased for around $260.00. While this is quite expensive, you will notice the excellent quality and flavor of these cigars.

When it comes to flavor, you certainly won’t be disappointed with these Avo cigars. The tones of leather, earth, pepper, cinnamon, and coffee give them a unique, rich, and intense taste that many people adore. It also means you can look forward to a full body and fantastic flavor.

The wrappers that are used with these particular Avo cigars are sun-growth wrappers from Ecuador. The wrappers are medium brown in color. The quality of the wrappers adds to the luxurious finish, appearance, and quality of these cigars.

When you purchase a set of 19 cigars from this range, you can benefit from the stylish canister packaging, which adds to their elegance and stylish finish.

  • Fabulous full-bodied finish
  • A sumptuous flavor that lingers on the palette
  • Superb quality, limited edition cigars
  • Higher priced cigars
  • Only come in a pack of 19

The Churchill sized Avo Classic No. 3 is a popular choice that is both affordable and ideal for novice and seasoned smokers. If you are looking for cigars that are mellow and smooth, these Avo cigars could be the ideal choice. The cigars use high-quality aged tobaccos from the Dominican as well as Connecticut Shade wrappers to add to the overall experience. With these premium cigars, you can combine luxury and affordability with cigars that are sophisticated, elegant, and very easy on the palate.

Price ($$$)

These are not the cheapest cigars on the market but they do offer good value for money given the quality of the product. You can purchase a pack of five of these Avo cigars for around $50.00 and a box of 20 can be purchased for around $200.00.

These cigars offer a very smooth and mellow smoking experience with a medium body. The premium taste and flavor are further complemented by the even burn and smooth draw of the cigar which makes it ideal as an everyday cigar.

These Avo cigars use a Connecticut shade wrapper, which adds to the quality, taste, and appearance of the product. This is a medium brown wrapper, which envelopes the premium filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic.

You have two options when purchasing these Avo cigars. You can purchase a pack of five, which come in a simple packaging. Alternatively, you can opt for a box of 20 cigars, which are perfect if you plan to give them as a gift.

  • A more affordable price than some of the other options
  • Very mellow and smooth smoke
  • Ideal as an everyday cigar
  • Some may find it too bland

Crisp, smooth, and mellow, these cigars are a great choice for people that want to combine affordability with excellent quality. They come in boxes of twenty cigars and are made in a torpedo shape. The construction of these cigars is excellent and you can look forward to an even burn as well as a smooth smoke. The perfect draw is one of the many great benefits of these cigars and the taste from the premium Dominican aged tobacco will add to your cigar smoking experience. The cigars use a Connecticut shade wrapper, which provides undertones of nuts and spices for a really warming, comforting smoke.

Price ($$)

You can purchase these cigars in a box of 20 for around $200.00.

These are medium-bodied cigars with a mellow and comforting flavor that combines nuts and spices. An ideal choice for those that love an after-dinner cigar, these will enable you to enjoy a smoking experience that is smooth, memorable, and mild.

With these cigars, you will benefit from Connecticut shade wrappers, which enable you to enjoy that hint of nuts and spices when smoking the cigar. The wrappers are medium brown, which adds to the overall style and appearance of the cigars.

When you purchase these cigars, you have to buy them as a box of 20 cigars. These come beautifully packaged, which makes them ideal to give to someone as a gift as well as to purchase and keep in your own home for special occasions or as an everyday smoke.

  • Mild, mellow, with a comforting flavo
  • Excellent construction for a great quality smoke
  • Affordable pricing given the quality
  • Only available as a box of 20
  • Some may find it too mild

There is no doubt that when you invest in Avo cigars, you will benefit from a very high-quality cigar with great flavor. The different variations of these cigars mean that there is something to suit all tastes and preferences. Whether you enjoy a smoke that is mild and mellow or whether you want one that is rich and intense, you will find the perfect option for you from amidst this range. All you need to do is take a look at the intensity, flavor, body, and price to determine which of the cigars are going to be best suited to your needs. You can then make your choice with far greater ease and find the perfect cigar for you.

With the Avo cigars we reviewed here, our top pick has to be the Avo Syncro Nicaragua. These cigars offer great flavor and taste, and beautifully crafted and constructed, use a superb blend of tobacco from top regions, and offer affordable pricing compared to many of the alternatives. These cigars are perfect to give to others as gifts or you can simply buy them to keep at home for special evenings and occasions. You can even smoke them as everyday cigars and they are suitable for both novice and seasoned smokers.

Another great option for those with a slightly higher budget is the Avo 30 Years 22 Redux, which is a limited edition cigar to celebrate the anniversary of the brand. While these have been officially discontinued, it is worth getting them while you can so you can enjoy the rich flavor and superb quality of these cigars. As with all cigars that come under this brand, you will benefit from excellent construction, great flavor, rich intensity, and beautiful presentation. This is something that is consistent with all Avo cigars, which means that no matter which ones you choose you can look forward to a fabulous experience.

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