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At the Cigar Lounge, we recognize that smoking cigars is not for everyone.

A true cigar connoisseur takes years to learn the fine subtleties between each brand of cigar, the difference between box pressed, hand-rolled, and machine-rolled and the type of drink that’s best suited to each.

In the 18th century, Gentlemen’s Clubs were places for men to gather, discuss business, and other interests while sharing drinks and cigars. However, not everyone was granted admission to a Gentlemen’s Club, and while you were there, you had to behave respectably.

The Cigar Lounge aims to bring that tradition back.

But this time, we won’t be excluding anybody.

Our goal is to educate as many people as we can about the finer points of cigar smoking and to recreate that feeling of luxury and abundance.

What’s Been Created for You in the Cigar Lounge

Our site has been designed to suit all cigar smokers, whether you’re a beginner who wants to know more or a connoisseur who wants company while enjoying his evening smoke.

If you’re new to cigar smoking, check out our beginners’ page which explains the finer differences between machine-rolled, hand-rolled and box-pressed cigars. We tell you the best way to store your cigars and how to prepare them so that you get the most out of them that you possibly can.

Our Pairings page is probably your next step. Do you drink whiskey while smoking your cigar? Or should it be Bourbon or beer? If you’re going to drink beer, what type? Lager or draft? All of these questions and more will be answered for you here.

We’ve devoted a whole section to Cigar names and sizes, and we’ve included a handy chart that shows you the different cigar sizes.

We help you make the right decision about which cigars you want to buy, either from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua or Honduras. We even go over the legalities of Cuban Cigars.

Beginners and Connoisseurs should be aware of the different fillers that go into cigars and of the different binders as well.

We’ve got that information for you, along with cigar shapes, tobacco strains and explanations of vitola, the unique size measurements of cigars. We guarantee you’ll learn something new in this section.

The Language of The Cigar Lounge

There’s a whole other language to learn if you’re going to enjoy the finest of cigars. Luckily, the Cigar Lounge translates it for you.

Don’t know what a cigar humidor is?

We’ve got the answer to that.

Is Sikar a spelling mistake? Sort of, we can explain that too.

Petit Corona? Isn’t that a type of car?

These questions and more are answered in detail throughout the Cigar Lounge’s website. Once you’ve learned all you can, it’s then time to branch out into visiting other cigar bars.

View our page that tells you where your local cigar bar is, how to set up a cigar bar for a wedding, and even how to open your own cigar bar.

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